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Help me pick out the best earbuds for me under $60?

  1. MrRamirez
    My pair of earbuds just broke (A Jays One)

    I would say they where a good pair of earbuds.

    Now I am looking for a new pair, some with more bass

    Can you guys help me pick some out?

    I listen to songs with deep bass.
    Songs like:
    Lose yourself by Eminem
    The Cross by NAS
    Put You On Game by Lupe Fiasco

    I had a couple of other earbuds like:
    Lenntek Sonix 3
    A Jay One
    Original Apple Earbuds

    I feel like they all didn't have enough bass.

    So can you guys recommend me some good earbuds for under $60?

    Than you all in advance!
  2. Danneq
    If you are talking about earbuds, I'd recommend the Hisoundaudio Paa1 Pro for a bassy sound:
    If you care talking about IEM's (In Ear Monitors) or Canal phones, i.e. something that you put in your ear canals, I cannot comment. I only use earbuds with the same sort of design as the one above.
    Anyway, the Hisoundaudio Paa1 Pro is supposed to be really bassy for an earbud. However isolation isn't as good as with IEM's...
  3. AstroTurf
    I would recommend the Etymotic MC5 with the NRB Mod.

    Welcome to the Forum.

  4. cel4145
    The Vsonic GR02 Bass Edition have some great bass. Here's where to buy it (that's not US dollars; actually costs less in dollars). 
    Otherwise, read through this Multi IEM comparison thread in your price range and see what seems good to you. 
  5. SpartanD63
    How about the Sennheiser CX300II? [​IMG]
    Nah, your best bet would be those GR02s (though I haven't heard them, I have heard about them.)
  6. conkerman
    The V-sonic products are well regarded here. In fact i have a set of GR06s in now. they are about $65. The GR02 are supposed to be an epic bargain, there is also the GR04. 
    I can happily recommend the GR06 though.
  7. ZARIM
    I will highly recommend the JVC FX3X because they offers deep punchy dynamic bass with crisp clear mids, highs and fairly wide soundstage(The others IEMs like Sony EX310 are recommended). 
  8. MrRamirez
    Does this site have a good warranty policy? or at least good customer service?
  9. MrRamirez
    Does this site have a good warranty policy? or at least good customer service?
  10. SpartanD63
  11. AstroTurf
  12. cel4145
    Do they sell IEMS with good bass in the OP's budget range? That's what the OP is looking for. I know that the ER4Ps are pretty weak on bass (and I'm not thrilled with the build quality). 
  13. SpartanD63
    Etys are for people who want detail. For bass heads, they won't work.
  14. AstroTurf

    Why yes they do.

    Have a closer look at their product line.

    And I also feel the ER-4 is not for everyone. Only those who understand the principles behind a second bend fit should own them... Go DEEP or Go Home, LOLz!!!

    Just my opinion, Jim
  15. AstroTurf

    I would disagree, but what else is new right?

    NRB Mod...


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