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Help me pick my first pair! +my impressions of P5, P7, KEF, SR80i, SR325is

  1. swong46
    Hello all,
    It is time I purchase my first pair of cans for work and hope you can help me out. I will be in an office environment so NC is not needed; my main priority is SQ. But open cans would not work due to leakage. The music I listen mostly is pop and instrumental. 
    At home I have Magnepan MMG's on a Rotel receiver, that is pretty much the sound I want to replicate (I know I can only get so close). So I have tried the P5, P7, KEF, SR80i, and SR325is; in that order
    P5 - Too bland, would not consider ever.
    P7 - Night and day from the P5, very enjoyable, cups fit me perfectly. These had almost enough push at the top end without being harsh. I really dislike harsh highs over other speaker setup flaws.
    KEF - I find it muffled throughout the entire freq. range, would not consider; will need to relisten to confirm since so many good reviews are out there about it.
    80 - I know I can't have open cans but wanted to see what I would be missing out on. They were nice, but I can't seem to remember much from these; maybe because it wasn't horrible nor overly impressive. But a hell of a lot better than those dang KEF's.
    325 - Now we are talking! This is the Grado sound I keep hearing about. It was bright and very full; took me back to my Magnepans. I kept thinking "Damn! these things are open, I know the coworkers won't want to hear it but my hears do!" So I went back and forth from these to the P7's and noticed the P7's no longer sounded bright enough (did not have the same detail as before). After a few more tracks on the 325, I found the highs to be just a tad too bright but everything else was great.
    So now to get your help. I hear the 225's are like the 325's but less harsh on top end so maybe this one for home?
    As for work, is the P7 my headphone? I was going to get the Sennheiser Momentums because something tells me that it would be a good fit even without an audition. Plus, it is half the cost of the P7.
    What do you guys think?
  2. cel4145

    Sounds like it might be a good choice for you. I have the SR80i and SR225i at home. The SR225i are bit more detailed, touch brighter than the SR80i and a little more refined. In fact, I've suspected that the difference between the SR325i and the SR225i is the metal vs. plastic cups, the metal being more reflective of the treble (and thus a touch brighter)--but that's just a guess :)
  3. swong46
    Sounds about right. Thanks. Now, got to figure out the work headphones.
  4. swong46
    Any comment guys?
  5. cel4145
    I'd try the Sennheiser Momentums since you already know what the P7s sound like. Do an in home demo. If you get them from Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon (not 3rd party vendors who do their own shipping), RMA is easy if you don't like them and the cost would be around $10 or so to return ship (I've done this a few times--B&H Photo and Crutchfield are also good about returns). I know it's adverse to thinking coming from home audio buying online because all that equipment is too expensive to ship back. LOL
  6. cel4145
    BTW: I wish you had not mentioned you like the Grados coming from your MMGs. I love the Grado sound, and I don't need to think about upgrading to Mini Maggies in my desktop setup. Good thing they are expensive :)
  7. Easylistening

    I think the P7s are very good. If you want something inexpensive but portable, consider the Sennheiser PX-360s. They are about $50 at OfficeMax.

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