help me make my next iem purchase!
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May 26, 2008
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I've just started into portable audio, and am using a toshiba gigabeat f, w/or without a cmoy i built, or an amp3.

i listen to std acoustic jazz and early fusion, prog rock, mostly Zappa, Miles, Primus, King Crimson, etc....

so far I really like my shure e4c with the yellow large foamies. They sound to me like a music-lovers headphone, not necessarily an audiophile one. the upper mids and treble lack a bit of sparkle, and the stage/imaging lacks that last degree of 3-dimensionality. i do enjoy them very much however. (and, I am an audiophile as well as a music lover).

I have tried the senn ie7 and ie8, but have a hard time with the fit/seal on both of them. they give me a nice stage and good "air" and sparkle, but have not yet got the legendary bass from them, and without a good seal, they lack body and can sound a bit thin to me - would custom molds do the trick?

i also have yuin pk2s, denon c700, and the buds that came with my amp 3. none are bad, but buds just don't want to stay in my ears, and the denons don;t have that killer midrange i am looking for.

what should i get? would shure 530s do it for me? get molds for the ie8? should i upgrade the source to a hifiman?

at the end of the day i want proper tonality, and I do like my bass (fav home cans are denon 7000s, with a home-built amp which controls their bottom very nicely, and gives me punch, pitch definition, and clarity along with great dynamics)).

i'd love to hear your opinions.......

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