Help me get the most out of my EMU 0404 / Little Dot MK III set up!
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May 21, 2007
I'm using this set up with my macbook pro and sennheiser HD650s

I'm pretty sure I set the switches right on the bottom of the amp to match the impedance of my headphones. Is there anything else I should do with the DAC/Amp to optimize the sound?

it sounds fine, i am just wondering if it is hooked up correctly (or set the settings on the DAC properly) because in order for me to get everything at a comfortable listening volume, the DAC's main output is at about a 50% level, and the headphone volume knob is at about 50%. i'm wondering if my DAC/Amp are trying too hard to give a comfortable output

thanks in advance
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If you use the volume on the amp, then set the DAC to its highest (max) output. Set your amp gain to a setting that will give you a decent volume level at about 11:00 O'clock. Given your source and headphones, I would guess the lowest gain setting would work best.

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