Help me find the right DAC
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Dec 20, 2008
I am looking for a DAC with a headphone amp for my HE 400's. I also need the DAC to have an unbalanced out  for my AudioEngine A5+. Budget is 500 or less.
Suggestions? Thanks in advance
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What kind of sound characteristic are you looking for?
I use an Audio-gd NFB-12.1 with my Beyer T1  + Woo WA2 combo and I enjoy it very much. I like the rich, musicality of the Wolfson-based DACs. Possibly not the most neutral of DACs though. 
Goes for about $230-270 in Australia. 
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It's just a nicer box IMO. Very well  built and high quality machining on the case itself. I like the badging and the indicator light on the front. Plus I have NEVER had any of the power issues that some of those with the jds version have spoken of. 


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