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Help me find Mr.Right-IEM for under $150

  1. roughington
    I am curious about which is right for me, the RE-400 or the FAD heaven II both of them are highly regarded, so I was wondering if anyone out there can help me make up my mind/ also is it worthwhile to step up to like the FAD heaven 4/ RE600? I know the price difference is quite large but it's worth considering at the very least.
    Things to note:
    1: Clarity
    2: Sound stage:
    3: Balancedish SS I am ok with it being a little warmer on the upper mids and highs, but I would like to stay away from overwhelming base.
    4: Isolation (I travel a fair bit on noisy airplanes)
    5: durable these have to be robust enough to survive daily usage and workouts maybe?
    This is my hierarchy of thingies
    Thanks in advanced

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