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Help me find * Lil Wayne - Back on my Grizzy* (flac. WAV. Lossless)

Discussion in 'Music' started by naivesound, Feb 4, 2016.
  1. NaiveSound
    Please help me find this song to buy or something, it's one of the few rap songs I like (there aren't many) it's from Lil Wayne album (da drought 3) but I can only find 128kbs files which just aren't nice at all, please help me find the right formats in lossless, flac preferred.

    Song is

    Back on my Grizzy by Lil Wayne album name is ( da drought 3)

    Thank you

    Please please please
  2. NaiveSound
    I can't find it at all on any site, please...
    Any ideas?
  3. Music Alchemist
    Linking to unauthorized downloads constitutes illegal copyright infringement and is not allowed.
    The CDs are available on eBay for cheap. Just buy it from there.
  4. NaiveSound

    I never asked for a link to illegal music.... Where did you come up with that, I want to buy a digital track, not a whole album
  5. Music Alchemist
    My mistake, then. (Since it's a rare release, I assumed too much.)
    According to Discogs, the digital release was MP3 only. So the CDs from eBay look to be your only option to get it in lossless.
  6. NaiveSound

    OK thanks, I'll do that, also is a rip in flac in good quality? I can't get the song in hi resolution say 96 flac

    Also thank you so much for informing me
  7. Music Alchemist
    Yes, FLAC (or any other lossless format) is the highest quality you can get from the CD. But if you converted the lossless files to 256 kbps AAC, you shouldn't ever be able to tell the difference between them. "Hi-res" is a gimmick with no audible benefit. The only reason some hi-res downloads sound different is because they came from a different master. Read this article.
    NaiveSound likes this.
  8. NaiveSound

    OK awsome I will read it right now,

    Do you recommend I get all my flags in 320 to save space?
  9. Music Alchemist
    If by "flags" you mean FLAC files, then I recommend ripping to FLAC, then converting to 256 kbps AAC if you need smaller file sizes for portable devices.

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