Help me find an IEM that suits be the best :(
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Jul 26, 2013
Thanks for coming in and taking a look on my thread.
I really really need your help on finding IEM that suits me. 
I used to own UE900 but I had to return it due to sound quality degradation, so I don't have any IEMs with me. (It makes me sad...)
I really like how UE900 sounded, they were relatively flat, and was able to handle most of the genre that I listen to very well. 
And I recently got Sony MDR-Z7 which has V-shaped sound signature, and I think I am falling towards that sound signature more.
So, speaking of the genre, I mainly listen to Jazz (instrumental that is, like Chick Corea trio, Eddie Higgins Trio, and etc), but I also listen other genres like classical (orchestral), hiphop/rap, rock (muse, LP), and ballad(Male/Female).
And after some research, I got to know about ATH-IM03 and it seemed that it fits my preference pretty well and was also on sale, so I grabbed one.
However, it does its job pretty well, but it sucks with some jazz tunes and it has relatively weak bass. (I am not a basshead though, just like it to be there, not too much)
Can you recommend me one that would suit me well?
I wish I still lived in Korea where audio shop was so common that I would have easily took a listen to different IEMs but sadly, I am not..
I would really appreciate any kind of inputs.
Again, thanks for taking time and read my thread. 

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