Help me decide on Brother's Rig!!
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Jan 17, 2011
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Jan 17, 2011
Hey Guys
So i am looking for a player for my brother here.
I would have gone with the iPods, basically a 5.5g, so that i could open it up, diymod it and then give him the Mini^3 i have (going to buy myself an Arrow 4G) and then in sometime, get him a pair of Sennheiser HD25s, and till then he could enjoy my RE-ZEROs.
So the Proposed rig for him could be: DiyMod 5.5g>LOD>Mini^3>HD25s and RE-ZEROs.
The above should be good SQ right?
I guess it would be a good enough rig to compare my future rig: Sansa fuze V2>LOD>Arrow 4G>CK10s and RE0s.
But then, thinking of the iPods, basically HDD based iPods, the HDDs basically die anyways in 2-3 years of usage. i was thinking of a 5.5G because of the compatibility with Rockbox and the DiyMod. But if they would die with 2 years of usage (have been owners of 3 iPods previously, HDD problems killed them), so why not look for a Flash based player. I'd like to have the MicroSD expansion too.... now 4GB player and  a 32GB expansion, Awesome thing right? but then, he doesnt want to go with the Sansa Fuze. Would the Cowon J3 be awesome as anything? and if yes, should i just sell my Mini^3, because i am looking for saving some funds for my future purchases. Or anything else we can have here? SQ is above all. Need high capacity because our libraries are basically huge.
Who knows what song i might want to listen to when in the mood, right?
Any other rigs u guys think would be good? those that can incorporate what i already have? even if not, components that have excellent synergy between them??
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