Help me decide!! HipHop/RAP BASS LOVER!!
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New Head-Fier
Dec 2, 2013
Hey Guys,
Im fairly new to these forums so i hope I'm posting in the right place, I listen to rap/hip-hop and alot of other genres but i really love the bass so help me out!
As of the past three days i have literally spent hours on end on these forums researching ALOT about headphones with the best best which also provide good hi's mids and lows, 
I have come down to these options

Audio Technica ATH-PRO700MK2
-Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO-80ohm
-Ultrasone HFI-580
-M-Audio Q40 (although i don't think they are available in australia)

Can anyone help me decide and guide me in which i should purchase, and/or if they have anything different suggestions please respond!

p.s After much research please don't recommend the m50's!


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I don't recommend the HFI-580. They're quite metallic sounding and far too bright, as well as being rather poor in the comfort department. 
For around the same price, the Logitech UE6000 is better in every way I think...
They've got a very nice bass response, full mids and a relaxed, polite treble, so fatigue isn't an issue with these headphones. I think they're very ideal for Hip Hop.
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V-moda m100 is a bass heavy can that is good for hip hop and electronic music. They also have excellent build quality. 
Do you have a set budget or anything? Also what's your source and is it for home use and/or on the go?
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M50 sound signature is amazing for hip hop and rap and Amazon reviews show 5 star reviews of the M50 are almost twice as frequent as the UE6000. May more fun sounding for these genres than anything I've heard out of HD598, DT880, PX100-II, or Audioengine A5s.
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I agree with audionut. I know they could be out of your budget but the v moda m 100s would be absolutely perfect they are something else. Problem is 300 new. Unfortunately I havent heard any of your options mentioned but I have done extensive research in the past on a similar budget. The 770s and those logitech ones were recommended to me a lot. I saw custom one pros a lot also in the past for recommendations.
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The V-Moda's would certainly meet his basshead needs, though the consensus seems to be that they're overpriced based on their sound. I can't comment though, I haven't heard them. 
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Have you ever heard any of the sony xb series? If you can find some xb700s anyone else that would recommend for a heavy basshead? Part of me wants to buy some after hearing the xb500s a few years ago. Loveddd the bass.
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Wow thanks for the responses!! I checked back constantly for two days and now the replies are flowing in!

-Errymoose I'm from Sydney

-audionut117 My budget is around $200-380, and my uses are mainly for laptop (macbook), computer, and ipod. Home use mainly ( i have considered getting a amp aswell if needed)

-Fedelesk i have looked into them but they don't sell them here in aus or atleast i do not think aswell as i am not too fond how it looks.

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Not a lot of good places to listen to gear in sydney.
There's an Audio-Technica store in the Sydney westfield building.  No idea if they have the model you're interested in, but they had a decent range.  You can also try the M50 rather than just believing other people that it's now a bad buy.   I mean I personally don't like them, but I don't like any particularly bass heavy headphones.
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Try the JB Hi-Fi store in Pitt St Mall - i have been in there before and they have a full headphone listening section. The Sydney Westfield store might also have one, but I haven't been in there.
In regards to where to purchase from, I live in Adelaide and have bought plenty of headphones so I can recommend: (based in Perth, courier anywhere in Australia) (based in Richmond, Victoria, also send out via courier)
I've dealt them with both and they are both excellent with great customer service.
In terms of your recommendations:
I have owned the Beyerdynamic DT770 80 ohm, these are a great headphone but you will need a headphone amp to get the most out of them. A good amp for this is the Fiio E11 - this will add plenty of volume and bass, and for the lot you're looking at $320 from and $360 from noisy motel.
You said "mainly" home use, so i'm assuming you would also want to use them outdoors, which is why i have suggested a portable amp and not a desktop amp (plus they tend to be more expensive, even from Fiio their starter home amp is $120, whereas it's $60-70 for the E11)
If you don't fancy carrying around a separate portable amplifier (most are smaller than your phone), then the V-Moda M100 is an excellent choice. I've owned the model down from that, the LP2, and these were fantastic and built like a tank, they just didn't suit my ears in terms of comfort (i wear glasses, and my ears/head are probably a bit larger than normal too, but for most people they fit just fine)
Next down from that are Audio Technica M50 as suggested, but you're going down in price to around $170 there. They won't be nearly as comfortable as the DT770 though.
I doubt you would need an amp with either the V-Moda M100 or Audio Technica M50 - they are plenty loud enough on their own. Adding a amp or DAC to these would be more about improving the sound a bit rather than getting extra volume or bass.
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M50 aren't bass heavy at all... I have the M50 and the Pro700 MK2 and while I haven't heard others the Pro700 MK2 are definitley bass heavy. But they need an amp. With that bugget you could get the Pro700 MK2 and the Fiio E11 and set it to EQ 3 which is bass boost and they will vibrated your ears and head... The Pro700 MK2 are actually considered to be one of the most bass heavy headphones out there as they can give you as much bass as you throw at them. Capable of 106db,much louder than most will handle as much bass as you want. Given your amp is good and you can EQ them you could have as much bass as you could want or really get with a pair of headphones. Peoples main gripeabout them is that they hurt your ears from being so tight. But they isolate VERY well and block out really any noise.

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