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Help me create a better way to search for Chinese headphones

  1. r4zv
    First of all, this is not spam. I'm genuinely trying to build a helpful tool here, and I'l like some feedback from you guys.

    I extracted a lot of Chinese headphones, and made this search form: https://www.improvado.org/search.php .

    Many of those search filters can't be found anywhere else, but what I find really useful is the minimum rating; I probably wouldn't buy a Chinese headphone with a rating under 4.8, since the ratings tend to be really high.

    I also paid some Russian speaking people to summarize the reviews of the more popular items and write lists of pros of cons of buying them.

    E.g. : https://www.improvado.org/p.php?brand=UKKUER&model=SN-P18 True

    https://www.improvado.org/p.php?brand=Nisheng&model=D012 TWS

    What I'd like to do, at some point in the future, is to be able to automatically extract lists like those.

    Do you find this site useful?

    What other features would you like me to add to it?
  2. Wretched Stare
    I'll give it a try and get back to you. Sounds useful.
  3. r4zv
    Thanks! :)

    I hope you found it useful.

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