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Help me choose a headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by nicknyhk, Nov 17, 2010.
  1. nicknyhk
    Hi all,
    I have gone through quite a few iem's and have generally been quite happy with the sound. I have decided to try to see the other world of the full-size headphone range. I own a few iem's but generally use the re-0 and hje-900 now. The re-0 is more neutral for my slower more vocal music where as the hje-900 is a bit more v shaped for my slightly more bassy music. When at my desk i usually use my harmon kardon soundsticks. I am also considering on getting a sa-6 or sa-7 based on how the sa-7 reviews turn out.
    Sorry for being so long winded but I guess what I really want is a pair of headphones that could be an in-between of my soundsticks and my iem's. I generally listen to all genres of music but I guess if I had to make a cut, I would prefer something that tended to be slightly more neutral. I have been told that headphones also give a better soundstage compared to iem's which is why I have decided to venture into it. Seeing how headphones are supposed to have a better sq than iem for the price, it should be an upgrade from the re-0 at least and hopefully better than the sa-6.(hopefully even the sa-7 when it does come out)*Sorry if I offend anyone for trying to get ppl to compare a headphone with an iem, I am new and not sure if it is even fair to compare as headphones and iems might be apples and oranges.*
    I am thinking about buying a telcast t-51, so if it could run un-amped off a telcast t-51 is a plus but not a must. 
    Many thanks in advance and apologies if this is another one of the many many noob asking for recommendation threads you guys must see endlessly. Oh yeah and a preferable price is loosely about $100, might go slightly higher if it is justifiable better and certainly wouldn't hurt going lower.
  2. nicknyhk
  3. kboe
    You might want to look at the Audio Technica M-50s.  They are well respected and loved by all who own them.  Its within your budget, and isolates like your IEMs, not as well mind you, but it wont be open anyways.
  4. nicknyhk
    Thanks..I have read some reviews and they seem to be all the rage at the $100 price point. Isolation is not really a big issue with what i plan for this pair. If things get too loud i wont be able to enjoy much music so i will just whip out my trusty iems. Anything other headphones that might fit the bill?
    oh yeah and I know this is a different price altogether but in the uk their prices are quite close. How does the Sennheiser HD 25-1 MKII compare with the ath m50? Is the price worth paying for?

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