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Help me choose a headphone at about $175.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by TheRH, Dec 14, 2018.
  1. Brainiac9000
    The Monolith M1060 is on sale on monoprice.com right now for $197. They are normally $299. These are a pair of great sounding headphones with plenty of bass. I would highly recommend these if you're willing to spend that much. The sale will end soon, so act quick.

    Regarding HD6XX, I would still choose the HD58X for $50 less because it has basically the same sound signature but with a little more bass extension.
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  2. TheRH
    Hmm, I may just spend the extra money and get the 6xx. I primarily use FLAC with JRiver as my source to play. And that opens up anything .
  3. Brainiac9000
    Make sure you have an amp if you buy the HD6XX. It has an impedance of 300 ohm and you won't get to hear what it can really do without properly powering it. HD58X is 150 ohm and should be amped as well, but you'll get a little more out of it if plugging into something with less power output.
  4. TheRH
    Oh I do, I will be using my Schiit Magni 3/Modi 2.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  5. robo24
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  6. TheRH
    Any other recommendations?
  7. torii
  8. Brainiac9000
    If you’re willing to do on-ear, there is the Audeze Sine on Audeze.com for $149. It is part of their holiday sale that ends tomorrow. These are absolutely fantastic and are a steal at that price-point ($449 new). Watch YouTube reviews...

    Only caveat is that it is their B-stock but I’ve only ordered Audeze B-stock gear (LCD2C, iSine 10, Sine) and it has always arrived in brand new condition.
  9. QS5151
    If you dont mind used find a set of Philips X1's they have an very large soundstage and alot of bass. You can pick them up for the $100-$150 range used in the f/s or trade forums here quite frequently. Good luck.
  10. bagwell359
    Try used. You could get something like a Senn 600 with lots of transparency, and a flatter frequency response than any can on the list so far (but the bass is fast, not deep), and a Mass Drop 4xx - lots of fun, lots of bass. Might be $230 for both. If you must have new the 58X with your preferences is probably the answer - and you an score it used too.
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  11. torii
    the massdrop hd jubilee sounds pretty darn good...has more bass than most sennheiser but the headband is tight for big heads...it can stretch a bit. I like the jubilee...also own hd600 and focal elear. the jubilee for 150 is good deal. should note I like sennheiser with tube amps
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  12. TheRH
    I wound up buying up the the 58x's today, I can't wait. :D
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  13. bagwell359
    Senn 8** can use a tube amp. The 600 sounds very well on my Rag since it seems to pick up some heft in the bass under 80 Hz - but in general agree tubes would be good. The 650.... on a hybrid or good tube could be very nice - but under damped or sloppy bass amp? Probably encourage too much mid/upper bass thickness out of the can.
  14. Magicman74
    DT880, hands down IMO beats the 58x and 6xx, have them all here. For $150 the 58x is a great buy but you can get the 880 for like $130 if you shop around, Newegg ect, when they have a sale.
    Side by side, the 880 is faster, cleaner with much better detail, imaging and sound stage. The 58x sounds woolly. After awhile you get adjusted to the sound. DT990 is another better can. For around $160. Sorry for run-on. On my phone, its crap. :)

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