Help: Looking for Urban Beatz bluetooth wiring diagram
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New Head-Fier
May 4, 2015
I recently purchased Urban Beatz bluetooth headphones, model UB-BTE90. Not thinking clearly, I came home from work and was horsing around with my son before taking them off and ripped the right headphone off the control assembly. There are 4 wires: copper, green, blue and red, that need to be soldered back on to the circuit board.
I have the ability and the equipment to fix this, but I cannot figure out which wires need to be soldered where. There are a positive and negative for both battery (bat) and speaker (spkl). If anyone knows which wire goes to which point or the location of a wiring diagram, as I cannot find one through 30+ minutes of Google searches, I would be extremely grateful for your help. Thanks!

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