Help: How to get sound from my desktop to my mobile? Which cable / setting?
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Aug 21, 2015
I really hope you can help me with this as no one could answer it before.
I am using a Rode SC6 Dual TRRS ( and want to do connect my headphones output of my laptop with the microphone input of the Rode SC6 to directly get the sound from my laptop into my phone. I already bought this male to male 4 conductor but it doesn´t work ( 
Please can you help me what I can do to make this work?
Thanks a lot.
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Just wondering, why do you want to get the sound from your computer to your phone?
Edit: It might also help people give an answer if they know exactly what you are trying to achieve
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Hi CRolls, it is a bit complicated to explain it. I am a mobile broadcaster and do skype interviews with guests from all over the world. I would love to improve the sound experience for my viewers by directly getting the sound in my mobile instead that they need to hear my skype partner from my speakers. I hope this explains it a bit better. Any ideas? 
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So you are after something that could convert an auxilary output from a device (for want of a better explanation) to a microphone termination so it could be connected to a phone as a microphone source, it could be done easily with passive cabling I just dont know how to find it on the internet. I think the cable would be like this
                                    3.5mm cable
            left------------------------------------------------------------------\      unused
pc         right---------------------------------------------------------------\--\     unused     phone
                                                                                                             \--\---microphone pole
this cable could come from a splitter so you could also monitor the audio from pc with headphones, I dont know if a cable like this exists but you could make one yourself and sorry if this diagram makes no sene to anyone but me
edit: just thought of a potential issue, the mic input is meant for low powered sources so unless the volume was kept very low this would potentially destroy the mic input on the phone
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The cable should work on all phones but as I just added in my edit, the output from a pc would be much too high power for a microphone input. So I acheived nothing in all that typing :)
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@labrat: Hi, Thank you for your answer labrat. If you click on the link above u see that I have 2 mic inputs and 1 headphone output as I am using a splitter so I hear them and they hear me. The only part which is missing is my problem described above. 
@Crolls. Dont understand unfortunately you scribbling but there must be a way as others are doing it, too somehow but I dont know how and cant ask them  -.-
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@Labrat: Yes, my splitter (Rode SC6) has it and I plug it in to my phone. I would also have an Samsung S4 if this works better than an iphone.
My computer is max book air so just one headphone output. 
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Don't worry about my scribbling, after posting, I realised it would not work :)
Your Rode adaptor has 2 TRRS inputs for microphones, and they advertise you need to buy an adapter to make a microphone connect to either of the microphone inputs.
And what is "smartLav" ?
So you neeed to find what the pin-configuration of the TRRS inputs are, they are probably not standard.
What microphone have you tried with this adaptor?
And your Apple MACBook Air has one output, a TRRS to headphones and microphone.
So you need to break up the MACBook output into 2 headphone outputs!
A break-out cable with a TRS-connector so not to trip the microphone-input of the MACBook to look for an external microphone.
I guess you are using the internal microphone of the MACBook?
One to connect to one of the microphone inputs on the Rode, the other to connect to a speaker so you can hear what goes to your phone.
Nothing is straight-forward!
But doable.

Wouldn't the output from a macbook be much higher power than a standard microphone (as microphones are passive normally so mic level is 0.001 volts whereas line level is 1 volt) causing the microphone input on the phone to be damaged from being overloaded, I am not sure, just want to make sure that we dont accidentally talk the op into damaging his gear

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