HELP: How to (Easily!) Create Playlists on iBasso DX50 :Thanks!
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Mar 18, 2010
Hi and thanks! I've gone out of my mind on this one.  
Bottom line, I'm desperately hoping someone can help me step-by-step to learn a system by which I can easily and systematically add/edit Playlists to my DX50.  I am also (very!) open to recommendations of another (better, easier) source to use with my setup if you have one.
For convenience with my lower-end headphones, my source is usually:  HTC One M7 (Android phone) + iTunes (PC) + iSyncr (app) to create Playlists.  This works effortlessly, and I can create/edit/update Playlists on my phone anytime just as if I had an iPhone or iPod.
However, using the M7 as a source for my home amp and better quality headphones just doesn't do it.  So a year and a half ago I bought an iBasso DX50 to use as a high quality but affordable source for my home rig:  
Glow Audio Amp One (tube amp) and AKG K712 headphones.
With the DX50's primitive software and interface I have never, ever been able to figure out how to easily transfer my Playlists from any existing music software to the DX50.  This is after getting support from iBasso, MediaMonkey etc. and scouring Head-Fi and Google for a solution.  
I have figured out (I think) how to hand-code an .m3u text file to create a Playlist, but that's a real pain as you can imagine, especially as the DX50 has to scan the its 64GB memory card, and 5GB internal memory, each and every time I add a single Playlist file, which takes over 5 minutes each time.
Compare this with my M7 + iTunes + iSyncr system, which can update all my Playlists and add new ones in about 5 minutes total.
My Skills:
I'm no tech, but I've been using computers (Mac and PC) for 25+ years.  I'm very familiar with the inner workings of Windows, for example, and am very comfortable messing around with settings, very basic code, etc. I'm definitely not tech-averse or afraid to get my hands dirty, though I have no experience with upgrading firmware on the DX50 or anything else.  
Also, I'm an older working dude.  My overriding goal is just to have a simple system to make Playlists, not to spend hours of my time messing with features or software I don't care about.
My Equipment:
Besides the stock DX50, I'm using a PC with Windows 8.0.  I've tried to handle Playlist transfer through iTunes (using 3rd party programs, since the DX50 is not supported of course), MediaMonkey and MusicBee.  I've also tried doing this by hooking up my DX50 directly, and by inserting the memory card separately into my PC using a card reader.
Current Status:
I'm very sad to say that after 6 months of messing with this, and suffering a host of issues and endless tech support nonsense, I finally gave up in disgust and my amp, headphones and DX50 have been sitting on a shelf gathering dust for a whole year.  I'd like to give it one last chance, before I just sell the whole dang thing and moving on, which would make me very sad as I'm a pretty dedicated headphones user (like you).

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