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Help Guys! need advice on what to purchase next!

  1. kgomez1992
    so i just pulled the trigger on a pair of IE8s and i must say im extremely excited. i will be doing my listening from an ipod classic, iphone 4, and mac book pro. i have one of those altoids amps i purchased for a set of Sennheiser over ears that i no longer own. what else do i need so that i can actually enjoy my IEMs the way they should be enjoyed? im considering getting custom tips from listenhear. but what about DACs and other stuff? thanks guys!
  2. indieman
    AudioQuest Dragonfly might be a good start...
  3. kgomez1992
    how about something a bit more budget friendly? and how is the quality on the dragonfly?
  4. AstroTurf
    Hows About...
    A Nice Hard Shell Case?
  5. kgomez1992
    Thanks astro! That sounds like a great idea!!! Any other recommendations?? Please!
  6. boomhaur
    Different tips to find out which you like best till you decide to get a set of custom tips if you got that route.
  7. Hahayyy
    Haha honestly, you should try out the IE8 and see whether you like the sound signature! I guess if you're not hard pressed for cash you could keep the IE8s for sentimental reasons, but if you are still wanting an improvement in the sound after 1 month of getting it why not quickly sell them (since the resell value will be higher after a shorter period of having them) and save up for customs! Theyre really a super big difference as I have found out and I think its worth giving them a shot! haha anyways you could always just upgrade ur player too!
  8. kgomez1992
    Thanks for the advice hahayyy, but I'm afraid I don't think I'd be able to justify spending that much money on customs as theyre pretty expensive! I'm by no means an audiophile I simply absolutely love to listen to music so I'm trying to find something I'll be happy with that won't leave me broke! And you mentioned the value of them would go up? Why would that happen wouldn't it be backwards?
  9. indieman
    Just a guess, but the value would diminish the longer you keep them, so if you you sell them quickly they'll be worth more than later...
  10. kgomez1992
    wow i must look like an idiot! i read that completely wrong! my mistake guys.
  11. planx
    Try a Fiio E11. I found them to be a great match to the IE80s. The extra bass boost sure turned the bass-o-meter to 11
  12. kgomez1992
    sounds like a good idea! do i need a small amp for my iphone?
  13. planx
    You don't need one, but I always find having an amp with a LOD cable for your iPhone sends a cleaner signal and give the IEM the extra boost in power (not just volume people!)
  14. kgomez1992
    Thanks planx I've got an ibasso dzero on the way I hope that does the job

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