Help Finding the Right DAP/PMP
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Sep 9, 2007
Okay, so I am trying to figure out the best media player that will suit my needs, and I am just hoping some people here might be able to help. My requirements are listed below.

Playlist support. I like the ipod setup, it needs to support multiple playlists, and can't limit the number of songs in a playlist, or should have a limit around 500.

Capacity of 32 GB +, as well as FLAC support

Good audio quality, this is where I am really confused, because I know the Cowon D2 has good audio quality but people talk about bass rolloff and how the new iTouch doesn't have that issue, which makes me think it has better sound quality than the D2 and also makes me wonder how the S9 will compare, I know the iTouch will likely have a better interface than the S9 but that is still undetermined.

Preferably this player will be out by christmas time this year, but if it will be available with 32 GB i early january I might consider waiting.

Right now I am looking at the iTouch 2G with VLC4iPhone, Cowon S9, maybe samsung P3, and possibly a modified ipod mini, but I'd need to use line out for that and get and amp and some better headphones for the hell of it, and within a $400 budget that is kind of a challenge I think.

the $400 budget comes from my idea of the iTouch 32 GB, and is my limit for anything as I figure the S9 will cost about the same.

so what does everyone think? what will meet my requirements? does the iTouch 2G really sound good enough to be worth getting as an option?

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