Help finding comfortable earphones with great durability?
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Aug 26, 2014
I have been searching for a replacement for my DUNU DN-1000 ever since the cable broke. My biggest problem is trying to find an earphone that is comfortable and won't fall out of my ear when I'm moving around. As far back as I can remember, I've always had problems with in-ear headphones. They would always fall out and weren't always comfortable; even the DN-1000 that I owned wasn't that great in terms of comfort and durability. I have screwed up tiny ears. No joke. I've tried so many earphones and none of them seem to stay in my ear. There are only two kinds of earphones that have been able to stay lodged in my ear: hook-type earphones, or the stayhear tips that the Bose earphones have. I personally find the the latter very comfortable and doesn't fall out of my ear easily. I would have just went with the Bose since their eartips are so nice, but due to their bad rep in the audiophile community I was hoping some of you guys would help recommend other earphones that have similar comfortability to the stayhear tips. Although I do prefer normal in-ear headphones, over the ear hook types, they are welcome suggestions too. Oh, and durability is also important too, since I travel and exercise a lot. My budget range is from $100 to $200. Sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance.
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Hmm... here are few of my favorites.
SE215(or the blue edition): Over ear hook with warm SQ. Great build and isolation.
SBH80: Bluetooth, but it sounds better than SE215 IMO. HD650 kind of sound with great comfort. It's not ear hook or guided, so it might not fit you very well. It fits me very well, and I have trouble having normal IEMs stay in my ears too.
SBH70: Similar to SBH80, but with apple earpod style drivers. This might fit better for you.
X10: Although they're not guided or hooked, they're tiny. They have a great reputation for fitting well, even for those with weird ear shape, thanks to their ultra small size.
Hmm I can't think of many more.
And if you like bose iems, you might as well go for them. They're honestly not that bad. They sound ok, and I must agree that they are insanely comfortable.

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