Help finding a replacement for my Hifiman He-400
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New Head-Fier
Jul 6, 2012
I've recently decided to sell my Hifiman He-400 and get a different headphone. The reason is because I hate the wire connectors. So now I'm back to the hunting phase. I do love the sound quality of the He-400s, I'm just trying not to be stuck paying for a $90 cable replacement in the future. Before the He-400s I owned the Ultrasone HFI-780 which where ok. I've come to like both open back and closed for their own different reasons. But I think I like Open more.
Here are the things I want for new headphones:
-Price Budget is around $300 maybe $350
-Detachable cables
-Over ear
-I would prefer a cord for both the left and right speakers rather than just one for both but I'm willing to work around that
Right now I'm looking at Philips Fidelio X1/28 and Denon AH-D600.
I use my headphones for movies and music mostly. I listen to all kinds of music, soundtracks being the most important.
Any help would be much appreciated

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