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Help finding a desktop Amp/Dac for a Macbook Pro to upgrade my Fiio E9 & E7 combo

  1. DevilsRightHand
    So I want to upgrade my desktop Amp/Dac combo (Fiio E9 & E7) and I'd like the Head-fi community to help me with my decision
    Shopping around, these two are the ones caught my attention: Audinst Hud mx-1 and Maverick Audio's Tubemagic D1. They both have great reviews here, good performance/price ratio, as I'm just starting my audio hobby journey, 200$ is about right for my budget. Also, I like the fact that both lets you play around with the opamp to find your sound preference.  You can always suggest other options I might have overlooked.
    Here is some information on what I'll be plugging into the amp and what are my musical taste:
    I'll be using it with my Macbook Pro but I'd also like it as a Preamp to my Marrantz 225 vintage amp and an iPod video 5th gen as the source. My computer speakers are Logitech Z-2300 2.1, the headphones I'll be using are either Alessandro MS2 or V-Moda M80.  
    I mostly listen rock type music: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Old Punk Rock, Grunge, Country, Psychobilly.  But I also enjoy the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Jack Johnson, Bruce Springsteen, Miles Davis, Ray Charles.
    My music files are mostly 320 kbps but I'm in the process of upgrading the to Lossless.
    I hope some of you will be interested in helping me out.

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