Help deciding on new headhones ( ER-4P, klipsh S4, UE700)
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New Head-Fier
May 8, 2008
I own both the S4 and the ER-4P. But the ER-4P broke and they are refusing to replace them because wire strain/ related faults are not covered.
Please note the source is an ipod touch 2g, it has never been run unamped.
I have enjoyed the clarity of the ER-4P but the lack of bass makes some songs sound less "fun" to listen to. My S4 work but arent as clear but are much more fun to listen to with certain songs.
I have a few complaints with the Er-4P i.e they are extremy heavy and the wire had broken a few times before they eventually said no. The S4 are good but arent that clear and i dont like the way they go into my ear (they earphones themselves rap round the insde of you ear, hard to explain rather than going straight in.)
I can replace the Er-4P with the UE 700. I listen to a mixture of music, mainly pop and rnb.
Could you please tell me what i would expect and if anyone has experience with the build quality of the UE 700. And if it sounds good unamped and whether this would be a good replacement.

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