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Help debate between IEM

  1. SoulShocked123
    Hi i am new to this forum but i read alot of reviews here and i feel that the reviews here are really reliable because some users here could be audiophiles. i am not an audiophile but i know decent headphones i have the Sony MDR-XB700 but those are for home and i was looking for IEM for outdoors. i saw alot of IEM but a few that caught my eyes were the Sennheiser CX300-II Klispch Image S4A (android cause i have an HTC Sensation) and lastly SMS Audio street by 50 in ears (i am considering these cause i can get them new for 85usd) i listen to all kinds of music so i would like a flat line response by is sensitive to amps in the sense that i can change it to suit the music. Which of these should i choose i live in europe btw. Thx for your help i have been debating between these 3 feel free to recommend others Thanks again. 
  2. rikardoliepa
    Audio technica ckm500 is five class above cx300 and three above s4. Micless version only costs obly $58, you can get mic version too. And it is balanced sounding too with great build quality.
  3. AstroTurf
    Welcome to the Forum...

    Good Luck with your search.

  4. jasonb
    I would definitely pick the CKM500 over the S4 or CX300. I've actually had all 3 and the CKM500 is definitely the best of the bunch by far. 
  5. SoulShocked123
    Thx alot guys i will look into the CKM500 seems like a good pair of IEMs thx for the warm welcome Astro turf :D
  6. soundstige
    Whatever you do, don't get the S4.
  7. SoulShocked123
    Woah are they that bad? how abount the SMS in ears how are they Bass types? if they are then i feel like its not for equalizers 
  8. AudioAficionado
    The Klipsch S4's has it's pros and cons. I wouldn't describe it as ENTIRELY bad. I've personally owned the first version of the Klipsch S4's before. (The second version just came out and has a flat-wire cable versus a regular rubber anti-tangle cable in the first version.) The problem I had with my pair was that the strain reliefs near the earbuds themselves actually split, therefore effectively reducing its lifespan by at least a couple months. I didn't even treat them that badly, but they just split under regular use, which deems this problem as a workmanship flaw. Klipsch seems to address the problem by developing the new flat-wire cabling in the new second generation Klipsch S4's with flat-wire stress reliefs. Therefore, I do not think the problem is existent anymore.
    The sound of the Klipsch S4's is definitely bass-heavy, but it's not an overwhelmingly horrible bass monster either. The treble/highs usually shine through a bit, mids are alright, and the bass more-often-that-not dominates the soundstage. Just be prepared for a fun listening experience with some heavier bass-tones if you're getting the Klipsch S4's.
  9. jasonb
    The S4's are bassy and have a v shaped sound. They have a sharp and sibilant treble. They definitely have treble peaks that can be very distracting. Mids to me seemed distant and recessed. The best part of the S4's is the comfortable oval shaped eartips. 
    Bottom line: there are better options for less money.
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  10. SoulShocked123
    Ouch i am not looking for a V i kinda want a flat line response but still have the ability to change for example if i want more bass i set it in the equalizer and if i want more treble i adjust it in the equalizer i know at the under 100$ its hard cause you need to be willing to drop 300$ for those but similar would be nice
  11. VRSN 3pt oh
    For a flat response I would go with the Meelectronics A151 (or A161P, if a mic is important to you).  I had the Klispch S2 for a couple years and was impressed for the price, but I had a poor frame of reference as to what was available.  Not to say the S series is bad, but I believe I may now always be more of a balanced armature (A151) guy than dynamic (S2), at least as far as IEM's go.  
    I'm not sure if you know the differences between balanced and dynamic drivers, so I'll sum them up as I understand them.  Balanced drivers tend to be much more neutral, with a flat response, but do not offer the same range of frequencies in a single driver as dynamic headphones do.  Dynamic drivers are therefore a bit more biased to certain frequencies on average, but also tend to offer a better range in the treble and bass.  Balanced drivers are often described as more analytic while dynamic drivers are "fun."
  12. AstroTurf
    You kinda missed the mark here...
  13. VRSN 3pt oh
    How so?
  14. tinyman392
    Both IEMs you mentioned are not flat...  That's how.  The A151 is warm above flat, but has highs that are below flat.  The S2 = S4 is more of a v-shaped signature.  
  15. AstroTurf

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