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help choosing my first set of custom IME

  1. sy0296
    Hi guys, I need some guidance choosing my first set of custom IME.
    I've had some experiences with IMEs in the past but I always went back to full size cans due to discomfort after long listening sessions.  I currently own shure e500, UE triplefi 10, etymotic er4-s and use them interchangeably depending on if I'm bringing an amp and also for different types of music.  I find the e500 a big bright somethings but is great for pop/rock when I feel like it.  The Triplefi 10 to me is a bit bass heavy but great for vocals/jazz/R&B; it gets the most use.  The Ety's were my first set of IMEs but they are too dry and only liven up with when amped.  I do like them for vocal, light jazz, bossa nova, instrumental, etc (I feel the timbre on the ety's are most accurate when I care to listen for it...but they get boring after a while).
    I will primary use them when i'm traveling (planes, subways, buses, boat rides) when it's not convenient to bring full size cans and I listen to a wide genre of music except electronic and hip-hop/rap.
    Based on a bunch of reading here and on other sites, I've pretty much narrowed my choices down to the Westone ES5 and the JH Audio JH13pro FreqPhase.
    I do prefer a more forward and warm sound.  To give you an idea of what's working for me right now, at home i'm listening on a set of Grado RS1 with a Benchmarch dac1 dac/amp combo.  When traveling, and I can bring full size cans, I using the Beyerdynamic T5P.  
    After reading a bunch of subjective listening review, I'm torn between the two above mentioned IMEs.  I'm worried that the JH13pro might be overly bright or dry, but at the same time I also worry the the RS5 will be overly "coloring" and bass heavy.
    Any suggestions other than buying both?  :)
  2. sy0296
    cliff's version:
    - I can't decide between the ES5 and JH13 Pro FreqPhase.
    - The type of sound I prefer is forward+warm.  
    - The Grado RS1 has been my favorite headphones so looking something that has a similar sound
    Any advise?
  3. digicosmos
    If the TF10s get the most use maybe give the UE IEMs a go?  Not that I have used them but I think UE really takes their "sound signature" very seriously
  4. davidcotton
    Or for a cheap try get the tf10's reshelled into customs.

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