Help choosing a portable headphone amp
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Sep 3, 2015
Hi everyone.
Its my first post here. I found this forum when i was searching for an headphone amp.
Im a sound mixer from Portugal. I work in tv and cinema.
After reading here a lot of articles about headphone amplifiers i still havent decided the one to buy.
Thanks ClieOS for such an informative good work on the portable headphone amps.

I need an headphone amplifier to connect to my Sennheiser ew100 g3 (lavalier wireless systems) that im using not for lavaliers mic, but for IFB like a Comtek (to give sound from my sound devices 788 headphone output to my boom operators and to the director) all using sony 7506 headphones.

Sennheiser G3 wireless receiver doesnt have a volume button, only going to the menus, so an headphone amp between senn G3 and headphones would fix this for me, and give the volume control to the boom operator or director, so they can adjust their own headphone volume.
Im ask for your help to choose an headphone amplifier that:
-Give some volume boost to the sound coming from the headphone output of the Sound devices 788T and has good sound quality without noises
-Has a solid build
-Long battery life (at least one day always on)
-I would prefer AA exchangeable batteries as i have many recheargeable AA eneloops and chargers
-Cheap price under $80

Any advice? 


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