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Help choose new headphone - hd598 user considering dt770 and he400i

  1. RadioHamster
    I'm a complete noob who's been using hd598 as his first mid-fi for a while without any amp/dac.
    I've been doing fine with the hd598's, but I thought that I'd buy a new pair of headphones for a change of mood,

    I mostly use my headphone for games and general music, but I think I got to like vocals a lot because the hd598 makes them really pronounced.

    I've already done some research and ordered a pair of dt770 pro's with e10k from amazon, which I've been testing for the past week. While I really like the isolation, I'm not quite sure if I like the less pronounced mids and the bass sometimes clouding the mids.

    I've researched a bit more and found out about he-400i. It seemed that it was very expensive until a few years ago, but it's only ~$270 now, which is ~$40 higher than the dt770 in Canada.

    Based on reviews, it seems that it's an upgrade from the hd598. I'd like to try them too, but I'm afraid I've already gotten too many things to return to amazon, including the dt770 80Ω version which I decided to return in 250Ω's stead, and the e10k, because I just impluse bought schiit stack for future proofing. However, if the he-400i is really good, I'll try it out despite having to return 1 more item.

    So I'd love some insight from you guys on he-400i compared to hd598 and dt770. I'd also welcome any headphone recommendations under $300 comparable to these ones.

    Please help a noob choose a pair and thanks for your help in advance!!
  2. RadioHamster
    I just realized that the he-400i's price dropped because of the massdrop version he-4xx. While on that site, I also noticed hd-6xx and k7xx. Are these comparable to the originals?

    Also, forgot to mention that the dt770 isn't as comfortable as the hd598, because the cup is pretty shallow and it makes my ear press against the arms on my glasses. Not sure if it takes time to get used to, but my ears where they touch my glasses get sore after a few hours.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2018
  3. RadioHamster
    Actually, I've done more research and then impluse bought both the hd6xx and he4xx from massdrop. I feel sorry for amazon, but I'll have to return everything :frowning2:

    Besides, someone on reddit was saying the he4xx requires even better amp than the hd6xx and it scales better, does anyone know anything about this?
  4. Sonnycz
    In the end you end up buying everything anyway :D. The only guaratneed way to tell if you like it or not. Because of each person having unique hearing so many recommendations given here are innacurate. For example based on recommendations I thought the HE4XX would be a great upragde to my DT990 but they were my biggest disappointment so far. But to be fair I don't have a dedicated headphone amp that they most probably require as you already noted.
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  5. RadioHamster
    Yup, indeed. This has happened to me with mice as well, I have like 5 gaming mice sitting around because I just had to try them all XD. It felt like I wasted a lot of money, but I don't regret it because I no more have that scratchy feeling of having to try another mouse. I think I'm gonna try these headphones from massdrop and give the one I like less to my sister maybe :)
  6. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Check out the Soundmagic HP150/HP151/HP200 headphones, as I would consider them an improved DT770.
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  7. Sonnycz
    Oh man, the HP151 are on my list as well as the DT770 but I just ordered the DT770 to complement my DT990, based on what I read about their bass. Now thanks to you I'll be living with this persistent feeling that I missed something until it forces me to buy the HP151 too :D. But fu.ck it, why not!... One simply cannot die peacefully before trying out all potentially pleasing headphones.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
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  8. RadioHamster
    Wow they're improved dt770 at marginally cheaper prices? I'll surely check them out later at an electronics store since I'd prefer to have at least a pair of closed headphones.

    By the way, if you've owned dt770 and perhaps another open can like hd598, would you say that the dt770 sounds a bit like a tin can? I compared hd598 and dt770 and regardless of the impedance (80 and 250), the dt770 sounds very much like the sound is echoing off a tin can that is slightly farther away. This is weird, because dt770 is closed and it clamps tighter than the hd598 so that my ear even touches the driver. Is it that I need a break-in or it's just the sound signature of the dt770?
  9. Linus1
    I have the HE-400i, as well as the HD 598 burls, and I find the 598 spends more time on my ears. Also use the Audioquest Nighthawk, so the majority of ear time is split between the NH and the 598. Don't get me wrong, the 400i is a nice headphone, but I seem to prefer the lushness of the NH and the wonderful comfort of the 598s more.

    Not sure of the other headphones you've tried, but if I may be so bold to offer a bit of advice - don't let your 598s go. I've read many posts from various people who have done just that to turn around and get them again. They truly are nice 'phones....seem to be in many user's stables along with some heavy hitters.
  10. PurpleAngel Contributor
    HD598 vs DT770, I would say the DT770 has a U shaped sound, stronger bass/treble, where as the HD598 is a more neutral sound.
    Also the DT770 really need to be used with a decent headphone amplifier, to sound their best.
    The HD598 is more amplifier optional.
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  11. RadioHamster
    I tested it with modi+magni. Isn't it decent enough for dt770? I was surprised how much the sound differed from the HD598 (not just the V shape). I'm not sure if it's the fit, but the sound felt too far away which is probably why it sounded like it's echoing off a tin can.
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
  12. PurpleAngel Contributor
    I own the DT770 (80-Ohm & 250-Ohm), the DT880 (250-Ohm & 600-Ohm), the DT990 (250-Ohm & 600-Ohm), the T70 and T90.
    To me the DT770 (or DT880 & DT990) are good for those that like classical music or big bands and like to use a tube headphone amplifier or plug headphones into a receiver
    (receiver's headphone jacks usually work best with headphones in the 250-Ohm to 600-Ohm range, impedance issues)
    I think the larger cups of the DT770 give a more big music hall type sound.
    Me, I prefer the better clarity of my T70 & T90.

    The Magni is a good enough headphone amplifer for driving 250-Ohm headphones, but some seem to think a tube amp drives the DT770/DT880/DT990 better.
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