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Help choose dragonfly black or sxfi amp

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tan1415, Apr 2, 2019.
  1. tan1415
    hi all,

    Been awhile. But hopefully u can help me with this choice. Finally looking to splurge a bit for my audio set.
    I have been initially blown away with the sxfi amp. But as reviews come out and they still lack the iOS support. I am starting to doubt which to choose.

    Between the dragonfly black or the sxfi amp. Both are now similarly priced. Sxfi is 150€ but comes with free cal. A headset that I like to own so price is really nice.
    The dragonfly black is at 90€ quite great value.
    Both delivers versatility when I combine it with my pc, iPad, iPhone and laptop at home and at the office.so plenty of use for me,
    Mostly music, some movies and gaming.

    Sxfi looks really interesting and but I am a bit worried if I would like sxfi and if tech will last.
    So far reviews are bit all over the place. So therefore I would like some input of how it performs pure as dac/ amp combo especially compared with the dragonfly black, or other models/brands of this price point,
  2. Lifted Andreas
    heya, did you manage to make your choice and stick to it?

    I am curious. :)
  3. bassct
    Sxfi is a gimmick and its pretty much just a toy setting to play with the sound. Can be fun on some recordings and perhaps more fun while watching movies. Its good to test the gear and see which item you like more. I havent heard the Creative one, Dragonfly red was a nice DAC.

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