[HELP] Cardas Clear M Cable Authenticity Check!
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Jun 1, 2012
Hey, any Cardas users out there.  I just bought two Clear M power from an authentic dealer (outside of US), and the first reaction I got when I open the box was the color difference.  This type of blue is lighter, with a hint of purple.  The surface feels difference from before where it should be smooth, but these two are a little fuzzy/sticky feeling like somebody forgot to polish it!  The text on the cable is also a little out of focus, not solid looking.
But everything else looks fine,  The weight is pretty much the same.  Regarding THE SOUND, I'm using it for my Genelec speakers, hard to tell on the first day, but I did sense a decrease of soundstage from my former JPS AC+ (this is typical of AC+ with wider soundstage than Cardas when used as power distributor cable, and box speakers), but Cardas always wins over mids-highs, even before break in, but this time I didin't get the WOW reaction.  Maybe I lost confidence of the new color.
I do want to believe this is the real deal, but don't know why got a different looking Clear M with the previous Beyond and Clear M bought only couple months back.
Attached pics 1-3 is the new cable I bought, pics 4 is my Clear Beyond, Pics 5 is another Clear M from before, all bought this year.  So you can tell the difference, and anybody who got the same cable pls let me know.  I've already contacted the dealer waiting for answers...
ps.  I experienced Cardas likes to change packaging, hard to expect sometimes, thanks all




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