Help, buying an amp or new mp3 player?
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May 8, 2014
I will go straight to the point.
I now own 80 GB IPod classic (6th generation). When I first bought it SQ is really not my concern but as my hearing ability matured I am starting to crave for better quality setup that can improve my listening experience without blowing my wallet.
I only listen to dance music such as trance, house, progressive, electro, techno, etc. My music source is 320 kBps mp3 and sometimes better quality or even wav. The IEM that I use is JVC HA FX700. The problem is when I listen through laptop the mp3 was not that bad, but when switched to the IPOD it sounds terrible. EQ is totally out of question as it will make it even worse so flat it is. I am also an occasional DJ and sometimes perform on some events using Pioneer DDJ-SX and when playing the mp3 songs, the quality is moderately good. 
I am now considering two options:
1. Buy a new mp3 player such as Cowon I9+ that costs around USD 150.
2. Invest on amplifier preferably Fiio E11k that cost almost third of the Cowon above.
Which is the better option? Any recommendation is appreciated.
Many thanks. 
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Personally I'd get the FiiO amp and of course an LOD (L9)
...and I'd pick up some of their EX-1 IEM's while I was at it! 


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