help buying a amp/dac
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Aug 22, 2015
hello people...i own a pair of shure se846 and use them on my ipod 5g and samsung galaxy note 4 ...they are brilliant (period) ...what i wanted to ask is that what amp and dac should i use to enhance their performance even more...i don't want a dac player ...please advice a device with dac and amp
i have seen oppo-ha 2, arrow 5tx,beyerdynamic a200p ...what would you guys recommend...i need more clearer music out of them ..a good bass and clearer sound...and i repeat i want to use them only on my ipod or note 4 ...please advice wat shld i buy ...thanks
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As far as I remember, Ipod 5G does not have a digital output (My IPOD 5G does not work with Sony PHA-1), so you may not be able to use a DAC on that.....
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Are you looking for something portable? How much are you looking to spend. You've got a killer pair of IEM's - def want to spend enough to get the full potential out of those monitors.

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