Help! Broke my MF X-Can V2!
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Oct 16, 2007
Hello to all! Long-time lurker, 1st time poster. Little history..I bought my used X-can around 2 yrs ago. Found this sight and being the audiophiliac I am started digging thru the threads with the result being I ordered a converter (the one everyone seemed to be raving about) and picked up a pair of Mullards. I have minimal soldering skills but was able to get the converter soldered to the plug well enough. Listening thru my Sennheiser 600's (with the custom Cardas cable
I couldn't have been more pleased with the sound! Recently I noted that the amp would only power up if I jiggled the power cord a little so I suspected that my soldering skills were coming back to haunt me. On further inspection I saw that I was right sooooo......One of the legs on the plug broke off (of course!) so I went to my local Rat Shack and bought some more plugs. After connecting to the amp she wouldn't power up. I opened it up, chk'd the tubes, sure enough one of them was toast. Fortunately, my main rig consists of a phono pre-amp, pre-amp, and amp that are all tube so I have some spare sets. Put in a pair of Golden Dragons, still wouldn't power up. Put my ear to the line box and could hear a hum but still suspected the amp wasn't getting any juice soooo...back to Rat Shack and bought a converter there. Came home, plugged everything in and the LED lit up but still no sound! Took it apart again and when plugged in the tubes turned on (although they look dimmer than the 6922's on my Music Reference RM9, don't know if that's relevant). Bottom line, because jiggling a cord bugged me, I've done SOMETHING to my amp that I have no idea how to fix.

Reading some of the older threads I saw that some of the members here have serious skill, knowledge, and experience with the V2. I'm hoping to get some feedback about my problem....HELP!!

P.S. - Before anyone asks, in my infinite wisdom I threw away the original power cord, never thought I'd need it (saying this as I'm slapping myself across the forehead!!).
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I have done some work to my V2 but not sure what you mean by converter. Im using a higher power wall-wart power supply but that requires no soldering. Can you be more specific about the converter ? Do you see any burn marks on the PCB ? top and bottom. You should also try cross posting this at the man knows the X-can in and out sure he can help.
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Thx for your response. I'm referring to the power supply when I said converter. I don't see any burn marks on the PCB's. I'm going to use the link you posted, thanks!
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Chazro, are you sure you are using a 12V AC PSU? If your PSU is toast you can get a 1.5 amp 12 VAC at Jameco for about $10 plus S&H. The Jameco PSU provides 3 times the amperage of the stock PSU provided by Musical Fidelity.
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Before you look too closely at the x-cans, I'd verify that you're actually getting the rated voltage out of your PSU
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Check the power supply as stated by Migroo and mrarroyo. The Jameco is the way to really though , perfect fit no soldering and a boost in power I use it myself Here is the link to the part number and some info about it
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1st off, thx to all that answered. I was leaning towards a new PSU from the get-go but unfortunately, after plugging in, everything lights up but I still have NO SOUND. Apparently, I fried something. At this point, I've reached the limits of my DIY abilities and want to get a new headphone amp. My next question is for you DIY-er's out there. Does this X-Can V2 have any worth to any of you or should I just pitch it? Willing to sell or trade.
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I expect you could find someone who would gladly take it off your hands to either repair or pillage for parts if the price was right.

Give an idea of how much you'd want and I might be game myself.
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Originally Posted by Chazro /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I was leaning towards a new PSU from the get-go but unfortunately, after plugging in, everything lights up but I still have NO SOUND.

However, that doesn't mean that the PSU is OK. Just because the XCAN lights up doesn't mean the PSU is outputting the right voltage..

Are you able to measure the output voltage with a multimeter?

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