Help! Breaking free from smothering arms of Apple. Sailing into uncharted, open-source FLAC waters. Need a brave navigator!
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Jan 19, 2006
Hi there,
I'm looking for a high-quality portable player. I'm currently re-ripping my entire 300+ CD collection onto FLAC using Exact Audio Copy. I am now getting to grips with Foobar as my new organiser of choice (fed up with iTunes and limited AAC).
I now have a Sansa Clip Zip which sounds great with FLAC through my Shure SE530s. However, I want a higher end player that can keep all of my recordings on FLAC, mostly classical/acoustic music, and I'm considering a few options but all have problems. So I'm hoping you can help me out here...
Colorfly C4/Astell & Krell - prohibitively expensive and don't support gapless playback 
Colorfly C3 - I'm attracted by its allegedly great sound quality but it doesn't support gapless and UI is very limited
Cowon X7 - supports gapless with easier UI, huge storage but probably not as good SQ as the C3.
I'm tending towards the Cowon but what I'd really like to know is: how far behind the C3 is the Cowon in terms of sound quality? Does its plus points help to overcome this; or perhaps is the X7's SQ not that far behind the C3?
Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated; with offers of good malt whisky, if only I could figure out how to upload a 12yr old Macallan into the Cloud :wink:
Thank you.
Cheers the noo,

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