Help - Astell and Kern Kann Cube - Last.FM Scrobbling for local playbacks?
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Feb 5, 2017
I have a Kann Cube.

It has the ability to install app using their OpenApp service.

However, when playing back local media (using the baked in player on the device) the running app does not appear to 'see' that those tracks are playing on the device.

Meanwhile, if i install another player on the device, like foobar200, it scrobbles, and sees the tracks playing.

It is my hypothesis this is because the baked in default player does not (in my perception) appear to leverage the android music playing notification system (the bar doesnt appear in the notification pull-down when playing back, nor do i see the notice hit the status bar of android at the top when a new track starts) - like foobar2000 does for example.

I have explored all the settings in the app, to try to make it aware of all music-playing sources on the device, but it appears to be effectively blind to any tracks executed by the baked in app on the kann cube.

Anyone have any advice for this?
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