Help: Amp clipping at low volumes
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 7, 2006
See the post I made here about my Carrie amp.

To quickly summarize, it's my attempt at designing a USB-powered amp that pairs with the BantamDAC. It's based off the Mini^3 amp but with a few differences. There's a different power supply, more power rail decoupling and a second plane among other things. This is my first prototyping run, and it mostly checks out except in a few areas.

Whenever I turn up the volume knob, it starts to clip. It doesn't get very loud before it does, so I'm curious why it isn't working out. The power supply seems to be working fine, and I've tried the amp with headphones of varying impedances; it clips with all of them. I get +/-4.86V or ~9.73V between V+ and V-, so I don't think it lacks headroom. My iPhone is the music source, and I've had Mini^3s work out for me in the past with the iPhone. Any ideas?
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That thing looks cool! I'd build one

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