Help a teenager avoid buying Dr. Dre Beats
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Jun 19, 2009
LOL maybe, if she wears dark colors, but imagine a girl wearing all light colors. then she plops on those BLACK DJ construction-worthy headphones... Most girls will just leave it at home or not use it. Wasted money.
You can get it if she's a goth tho
But any head-fier would think that she's super hot.

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Sep 22, 2010

I remember when I was a teenager. The iPod had just come out, and I asked my parents for one for Christmas. Christmas morning came and I got a Creative Jukebox Zen Xtra. I was a very appreciate child and pretended to love it. Let's be honest though, my friends had credit card thin iPods and I was walking around with a friggin tape player haha. My mom told me she intended on purchasing an iPod but after talking to a store employee, he convinced her to go with the creative. Sure, it had more space. Sure, it probably had better features. That's not why I wanted the iPod however. I wanted an iPod because all of my friends had one, and they were cool. I was made fun of day after day for being the only kid without an iPod, and I felt terrible because I didn't have to guts to tell my mom and dad I didn't like what they got me for Christmas. Like I said, I was an appreciate kid. Take it from me man, you can get her something other than the beats, but just remember, she's 16. Not only that, she's a SHE. Girls tend to make these types of things more of an issue than guys. Of course, eventually I learned that it didn't matter I was the only kid without an iPod. I realized my parents got me a gift that they thought was better, and were only looking out for me. A 16 year old won't realize that though. As much as it literally kills me to say this, just get her the damn Beats lol. 

touching. really

back to the topic: just borrow some of the mentioned cans and let her try + guide her through with analysis. then let her decide.

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