Help a noob pick headphones! HE-400i?
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Jan 18, 2015
Um...I'm going to assume some of this post was directed at me, although you did not properly quote or tag me.
Anyway, here:
I dislike the HD 700 and do not recommend it, especially for the price. It has bright, nasty treble (which ironically did not bother me) and an otherwise somewhat muffled sound...or at least the one I owned did. Soundstage was a little larger than most headphones, but I don't care about soundstage. Even the HD 800 sounded only slightly larger in terms of soundstage than other headphones. Speakers and live performances have soundstages that are so much larger than headphones it's ridiculous.
No idea what is going on with your bending thing. I've never had that problem.

sorry, it was directed towards you, forgot to quote you :/
I've seen that metal thread many times, and it's originally what led me to the DT990, but I don't put too much faith in the graphs, as the HE400's sounded much better to me for all metal than the DT990's did. That's my personal preference though, the smoothness and detail Planar Magnetic delivers.
After seeing more of the HD700's, it sound like you're right, nobody really liked them for their price range, and it sounds like they suffer the same trouble issues that my DT990's did.
Soundstage is a somewhat odd preference for me. The DT990 was larger, but I liked the HE-400 beter regardless. I think it's the up-front mids of the HE-400i that give me the claustrophobic feeling. I've never liked warmer signatures. They aren't congested at all, just a more inside your head sound vs. the around your head sound the He-400's gave off. Maybe i'll have to look into the Grill Mod.
As for the bending, with my experience, I can tell if one driver sits on the ear different than the other. Parts of songs that come through the right cup, sound closer to my head than the left, and vice-versa. Unless the headphones have that perfect out of the box curve, or are made of plastic and don't budge, the eventually bend one way or another, and I can tell when listening to songs with rich positional instruments and effects. That's what drives me crazy, and I guess it's just my own personal OCD, as I don't hear of many others than can tell a difference when their headband isn't perfectly shaped. I was thinking the HE-400i would be different, but it's top metal band decides the pressure and position of the cups on your head regardless. The only heeadphones I haven't had this issue with are suspension designs like the AKG headphones have.
Anyways, what made you want to sell the HE-400i's? what's your very favorite headphones for metal?

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