Hellow! I will be a STAX user. [I'm in sydney!]
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Jun 7, 2005
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Jun 7, 2005
Hellow! My nick name is Lathander... and I'm a Korea [absulutely south
] but.. I'm living Sydney[actually North Sydeny] for study [I'm studying IT
]. and now i have HD600
of sennheiser but i think i didnt match well amp and CDP with my HD600. I think i have to buy strangth Amp for him [such like headroom's MAX]

Anyway the reason for i write this letter, i want to make some audio friend
in Sydeny then ill mention that i'm going to buy STAX
.. the model is the highest model of STAX. It's Omega2
and the driver unit is tube one.. It's STR-007t. Otherwise. i will buy the best of STAX
but in Austraila STAX's price quite bigger than Japan. so, When i visit Korea, i will buy STAX. Korea's STAX is more expensive than Japan but It's cheaper than Aussie's

Anyone who is register of head fi and lover of classical music and rock then also AKG user, sennheiser user and especially STAX user, i wanna make some relationship with you! if you guys are living in Sydney It's better !

I read some letters in this border then i recognise that some people are Aussie. So, I want to talk with that Audio lover
If anyone want to talk with me. please connect my MSN! I always welcome you!

And I'm also speaker lover. [But i dont have good speaker cos i'm living other peaple's house.. but.. until 2years time i will make Speaker system!] Anyway i want to make friend~.

[I'm not sure that i have to post these words in this border or member's lounge
at first i try to post here.. If you gave me a coution i would change. this post location!]
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