Hello! I'd like to get help in choosing my next step up from Yamaha EPH 100.
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Aug 25, 2010
So I have absolutely loved the headphone for a few years until I gave it away to my good friend. Such a great little piece!
I primarily listen to classical music and am an outdoor listener.
Here are some things that I would like my next piece to have:
1) Good isolation -- this is quite crucial
2) Clarity and immediacy -- I would like to be able to listen to every instrument.
3) Price range can be flexible, but I would say that more than $300 would be a big stretch.
All in all, I would like a piece that has all the good aspects of Yamaha EPH 100 but better. Would that be a possibility?
I looked into its successor (200) but was not impressed. Looked like a lot of shiny stuff with no real substance.
Thank you very much!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Feb 11, 2012
While I agree ER4S is an excellent piece of technology I'd lean towards saying DN-1000 is the upgrade you want from the Yamaha. I know it sounds quite sensible to upgrade straight to 2000 (or 2000J) but I can tell you despite the higher model number the 1000 has bigger bass emphasis whilst the 2000 is balanced (much less bass than EPH-100)

I've owned all three, DN-1000, DN-2000, EPH-100, personally I call the DN-1000 that true upgrade you're looking for.

Isolation will be less than the Yamaha but you will hear much more clarity, clearer, cleaner mid-range.

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