Hello! I really need help of getting started of getting the BEST sound on my laptop!
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Jun 7, 2013
Ok, I understand from using a laptop I won't get the greatest sound quality, but I really want to get the most of of my music, gaming, and video usage. 
First thing first, I really need some headphones for music, what type of headphones should I get? I was looking for a bout a good hour on this website (beautiful website btw) and I was looking at the... 

[size=1.7em] Beyerdynamic AMS-DT-990-Pro-250s.[/size]

These headphones looked pretty satisfing, my musical tastes are things of Ambient/Trance/IDM/Glitch and anything of electronics to begin with. I would like some cans that would get the most out of this music, and if you guys have any suggestions of any cans that would be suitable for this type of music please post ANY suggestions.
Second off, for gaming, I use my Astro a40's + Mixamp for my gaming right now and I pretty much love it, but if you guys have any suggestions for some other headset out there that would be nice.
The most important part..... OKAY, so right now I have NO KNOWLEDGE of how video cards/sound quality works. I understand that I have to find something external in order to enhance my sound quality on my laptop, right now it is just Realtek High Defintion Audio. If you guys can help me out with getting better sound quality that would be fantastic I think they are called DACs of some sort? 
Thank you In advance, and I apologize for my ignorance. 
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Dec 16, 2011
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The DT990 Pros is be an excellent choice for EDM, and their price on Amazon at the moment is super low. Normally they cost a good bit more.

However, they will need an external amp to drive them. You could get a combo external DAC/amp like the FiiO E17. If you want a little better quality and don't need portable for the DAC/amp, look into the Schiit Modi and Magni. Probably the best choice for <$200.

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