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Mar 30, 2004
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Mar 30, 2004
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Hello Everyone,

Well finding this wonderful forum is going to "Hurt the Wallet" as you Members put it

Due to my work schedule I have three things to do on my free time.

1) Play my Guitar
2) Play games on my PC
3) involves females

So, I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD-650's and feel that I am not able to use them to the level they were designed for. My current sources are:

1) Prostar 8814 Notebook with AC 97 655 chipset.
2) Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis Preamp--> T.C. Electronics G-Force.


1) PC Gaming with DirectX support.
2) Direct Monitoring from the G-Force.

Reading the posts on this forum, I see there are many setups for Headphones. Most of which you can not try in stores. Which to choose, Tube or Solid State, External DAC or PCM-CIA card, or stand alone Headphone Amp.

With the PC it is very important that the sound source can be Directx 8 or above compliant. Not require a lot of resources from the PC. The 1/8" jacks provide settings for: Line Out, Line In, Headphones Out.

For the Guitar,the Tri-Axis is a Tube Pre-Amp which I feel is a must for the Guitar. I want to monitor from the G-Force. It does have Balanced Outputs.Please read the specs to help match up to the Sennheiser HD-650's
G-Force Specs

It is not important to have both sources used at the same time but in a perfect world it would be nice. Not having to disconnect one for the other vice-versa.

Also I noticed the Sennheisers are 300 ohm

So Wise Ones, what is your advice, Tube or Solid State? External DAC or PCM-CIA Card? Stand Alone Headphone Amp?Best Bang for the Buck? How to get the most of the Senn's.

Looking in the price ranges of $400-$1200

Thank you in advance for all your help. Also, Thank you for a great forum with mature members. It is like a "A Breath of Fresh Air"
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