Hello Everyone, first post..recommendations for over the ear open ended Headphones?
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May 21, 2015
First of all, I just wanted to say that I finally decided to join this site because i honestly feel like it's one of the few sites out here that is extremely knowledgeable, and professional. That being said, I'll try and keep this brief.
According to guidelines, (and for what I'll be using these headphones for) I believe I should get open-ended, over the hear headphones. I will have them at home, with no one else around, I would like them for listening to movies, TV, and a plethora of music. Mostly Acoustic guitar,, some pop rock...whatever.
That being said....
My budget would be around 100$ - I'm always looking for deals though. :)
I would use them home probably 99% of the time. 
The music I listen to is ....well....not as much as i should be. I guess I more of a folk, singer-songwriter type of music lover. No r%B, or rap, wow...after reading/typing this...I feel boring? Anyway, I'm looking at a few different types right now...
(In no particular order
1.  Grado SR-60e, 
2.  Denon D1100-I know they are closed (i just love the look) I also love the look of Sol Republic's Tracks-but, I'm not watching them, I'm listening to them. I guess I put them in here as a frame of reference as to what i like style-wise. Basically clean and simple.
3. I'm all over the board here...I mean, Ebay has some "daily deals" with NEW Sennheiser HD 449 Premium Over-Ear for 47$? I don't know...and I've always wanted to own a pair. 
To be honest, the reason why I picked the first two was based upon what you guys have written, wrat,wrote, reviewed...etc... So I would appreciate the feedback, whenever anyone has time. Thank you very much. 

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