Hello and What's the Best Open Back Headphones for $200
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For detail retrieval I'd take the DT880. For musicality and enjoyment I'd take HD600
Jul 5, 2019 at 7:48 AM Post #11 of 14
Are they considered 'flat' and ideal for studio monitoring and mixing?

HD650/HD6xx isn't as ideal as the HD600 for monitoring. But they are good.

I'll put my vote on the HD600.
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The DT880 are more comfortable than the Sennheiser HD600 imho.. Also the DT880 can be quite musical when paired with the right amp / warmer vintage gear or OTL tube amp such as my DV336SE make it sound very good.

I debated between the HD600 and DT880 for awhile some time ago now.. I don't regret the DT880 choice .. at all.. I really hate double entry cables and the clamping force of the Senn's personally.

Amp choice can really make or break the experience with the DT880's however.

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