Hello and recommendations for a budget guy with average hearing.
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New Head-Fier
Oct 18, 2015
Hi. I am thinking of looking for some new cans, (i don't know if saying cans makes me cool or old) anyway, I currently Game and listen to movies and Tv on Sennheiser HD 558's connected to a yamaha reciever. I have found these great and have no complaints, I just like new things and wondered what might be good for me.


My hearing isnt great, I have crowd deafness (voices are hard to pick out in crowds) so often during movies and tv I have trouble hearing voices when the music is too loud, headphones actually help this. My point is I dont think something like I would get the benefit from ATK 702's over k240's (two I'm thinking of)

I watch a wide range of TV, Movies probably more Fantasy, Scifi, Action, Kids.

Music is listened to so rarely on headphone its not a factor.
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no love for a broke half deaf movie lover?   
I have been lurking and I see that my 558's are pretty good and are probably a better choice than the k240's. So I suppose Im doing good with my choice from 2012 (i think it was).
I like deep rumbling base and warm sound,   The speakers in the room are Klipsh and the sub is awesome, But it doesnt seem that the klipsh headphones are of the same calibre.

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