Hello and First Inquiry/Observation on Custom One Pro and V Moda Speakeasy Cable
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Jul 12, 2013
Hello everyone,
I'm creating this post here because... well... Joe told me to. Anyway, I was here perusing the forums a few days ago, gathering data from people's experiences for a headphone purchase. My criteria was very basic.
Enjoyable sound without too much coloring
Between $100 and $300 with bang for the buck in mind
My 2 choices ended up being between the AudioTechnica ATH-50s and the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pros. I ended up with the COP because of how many people said they were really comfortable. The first thing I'd like to say is, thanks for having such a great site. Without asking questions, just combing over past knowledge and experiences in forums, I was able to get something I'm very happy with.
I had an observation and question, though. I use these headphones during work and i thought, instead of having to switch to my headset for skype calls, it'd be great if I just had a microphone. My options were either get a splitter for my audio jack and run a mic off of that, get a usb mic and take up one of my valuable usb ports, or get the V Moda Speakeasy cable. The Speakeasy is a male stereo out for the headphones to a male stereo+mic out with a mic attached to the line. I suppose I could have bought the Beyerdynamic cable that did this, but it was 90 bucks, where the Speakeasy was $15.00.  Anyway, the cable and microphone work. When using the Speakeasy cable, I get audio out of channels and I can talk to people through the mic.
The strange thing is, when using the V Moda Speakeasy cable, instead of the Beyerdynamic stereo cable that came with the headset, I lose a significant amount of volume. I can't exactly tell if I lose audio quality, but the volume drop is quite obvious. I was wondering if anyone had this kind of experience with the cable and other headphones, if this is expected with any kind of stereo vs stereo+mic cable and why that might be, or if I might have a defective cable. Thoughts would be much appreciated.

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