Hello all!
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opeth bodom

New Head-Fier
Jun 17, 2015
After numerous posts and discussions on reddit about how great the members are at this site I figured it was time to join. I recently dove into the headphone world purchasing a pair of Grado 325is. Being a listener of heavy metal music people told me they were a great diving in buy. I also went ahead and bought a Fiio 12a to help the bass ever so slightly from suggestions received. I hope to engage in a lot of discussions and learn a lot from you all.

Thanks !
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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet :D

Gotta love Grado headphones. What headphones are you considering next? Can't have just one :wink:
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Believe me I'm already starting to read reviews and find the better pair of headphones to make my metal sound the best it can!

Yes! The danger of Head-Fi :)

Now you probably need some closed ones or some IEMs for travel and out and about.
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I fell down this rabbit hard real hard with home audio with Martin Logan's. I know the sky is the limit.

Nice speakers! Did you do the whole HT setup thing with expensive sub, too? At least the headphone hobby is can be cheaper for the same sound quality :)

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