Hello All from denver!
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New Head-Fier
Dec 30, 2012
I have been following head fi for many years mostly out of curiosity. I am not as picky as many of you are but love buying headphones as an adventure rather then the pursuit of perfection. I have amassed a collection that isnt spectacular but consist of some ear buds and full size cans. I previously worked at a sony factory store near my home and got to try many of their headphones. But the local hi fi shop has everything i lust for in which i bought grado sr 60 and have lovingly worn them for 3 years. I like thrift shopping and purchase a lot of full size cans this way. I have 3 pairs of senns all very cheap and no good and a pair of sony which i cant find any info on but they have a great sound in the highs but the lows and mids are muddled. I love reading about how some of you are so dedicated to the hobby and have amazing set ups but my people are the broke people who cant afford nothing. 
I also love home audio and currently just got a new turntable and a creek phone amp to go with my creek integrad. I have era design 3 LCR speakers paired to it and i love listening to it every night. Enough about me but i really wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone in this community and I might not be the most active poster on the site but i read a lot of posts so cheers from denver! 

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