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Heir Audio stock and Whiplash TWAG V2 Hybrid [BOTH SOLD]

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  1. suicidal_orange
    For Sale
    All sold - thanks for looking!
    For your consideration is the standard cable that came with my Tzars.  It works perfectly and has standard Westone/CIEM pins which will fit recessed or standard sockets.  Not much else to say about it -  used for maybe a month or two before upgrading to a Magnus 1 for it's increased durability.  Can't find a new price, how about £20 including recorded delivery? If you've found one new feel free to send a link and make an offer [​IMG]
    If you're outside the UK please ask for a shipping quote, if you can do without tracking it may cost the same, or maybe even less within Europe!
    The TWAG has seen better days, some of the Whiplash logo has worn off one of the heatshrinks and there is significant "greening" of the transparent wires at the ear ends (hopefully visible in the pics).  I don't like this cable because it's too thick - I haven't listened to it much so as to not fall in love with the sonic loveliness it's makers promise. $455 inc shipping new (plus import taxes), yours for £120 including special delivery (outside the UK please ask for a quote).  If I can't get this price I'll cut it up and make a 4 conductor cable or two so don't wait for a price drop because it won't happen!
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