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Mar 6, 2009
In my continuing effort to sell audio gear that doesn't get much use, up for sale is a pair of Heir Audio 3.Ai
I bought the set back in November of last year from a fellow head-fi member who had owned them for a month until he needed funds so had to sell some gear.
These earphones are in very good condition, with no obvious scratches or defects in the shell.
They sound good and to be honest I may yet change my mind on selling these.
To see what is included please check my pictures, that is everything that was sent to me and I believe it's fairly complete except for maybe a couple of ear tips.
Somehow two buttons got into the box, so you can have them too

Price includes US shipping, international buyers have to pay shipping. Paypal fees are on the buyer.
Note that Heir Audio charges $40 to ship out the earphones, so the used price is an even greater savings than what the list price implies.
More info. from Heir Audio:
The 3.Ai, a hand crafted In Ear Monitor (IEM) utilizing the same internal design and components in the 3.A Custom In Ear Monitors (CIEM).
• 3 Precision tuned Balanced Armature drivers.
• One Dedicated drivers for Low Frequency production
• One driver for Middle Frequency production
• One driver for High Frequency production
• Dual Bore Design
• Detachable cable
• Quality ear tips
Shell color: “Black Mamba”
Face Plate: Burl
The 3.Ai requires the same painstaking hand craftsmanship that all Heir Audio CIEMs require.  The 3.Ai offers all the advantages of an IEM, built with the same exacting standards of all Heir Audio products.
The 3.Ai with it's single large bass driver delivers a warm "fun" sound signature with great entertaining low sub lows, and nice clean highs.
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