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Heed Canalot thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by jodet, May 15, 2013.
  1. Jodet
    We need one. 
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  2. achristilaw Contributor
  3. Jodet
    The Canamp was an amazing success.   It was FOTM for what, three years?  
    And here the Canalot has been out for nearly a year now and at headfi.... crickets chirping.  If you search it takes you to the old Canamp threads, which, let's face it....are seven years old. 
    I'm wondering if people even know this thing exists.  
  4. Greed
    Never heard of it... Do tell.
  5. Jodet
  6. achristilaw Contributor
    I had the original Canamp....it was O.K. for the money, not earth-shattering. Competent..... for a compatible load. Looks like power and finesse with a certain degree of refinement is the new order of the day? I would like to hear one! The parts quality of the original was suspect (IMO).
  7. Norway
    Heed Canalot is a sweet combo with Audeze LCD-2. In this image I'm running DSD through Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DAC, and using the bypass function to have a constant signal to Heed Canalot. I'm trying both of Heed's PSUs. The Heed Obelisk PX and QPSU.
    So far my findings are that Heed Canalot has a little emphasis on the upper midrange, which works well with LCD-2. Furthermore it's very "British sounding", with a pretty smooth and laidback presentation. It reminds me a lot of tubes, but without the hassle of tubes.
  8. rasmushorn
    This amplifier is amazing. I have heard it at two meets now and it stands out as a very competent full bodied amplifier with a very punchy bass. Not a warm or dark sounding signature. This amplifier just adds a unique slam to everything. It sounds so energetic and fast - not like any other amplifier I have heard before. I wanted one from the first time I heard it. It sounded great with my T5p and my IEMs Tzar350. Now I am debating with myself whether to buy one. I am uncertain how it pairs with HD800.
    So have anyone heard HD800 + Canalot - and how does that combination sound?
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  9. El Cucuy
    Hi guys, 
    Here is a video about the Canalot (which I suspect if from member Norway?).  Some of you may know me from the CamAmp thread.  Please feel free to contact me with questions or US based orders. I'm happy to assist in any way I can.
    Happy listening!

  10. rasmushorn
    I just found and bought a demo Canalot and Q-PSU. Now I am looking forward to hear it in my own setup.
  11. MohawkUS
    There is no mention of it on their website. Very strange for a component that's been out for so long.
  12. rasmushorn
    Yes - that is strange. 
    I just received my Demo Canalot and now on to some listening and comparing to my Meier Concerto. :)
  13. 7ryder
    Well? Don't keep us in suspense! 
  14. rasmushorn
    Haha - sorry. I totally forgot to post my impressions here. The short story is that I kept A/B-ing for 2 weeks. And I could not find the synergy that I once thought I had heard at a meet. The Concerto simply did most things better than the Canalot. I sold the Canalot back to the dealer where I bought it with a 100 USD loss. I simply found that it would not get much listening time. I think that the long lasting love I have for the Meier Concerto is not easy to beat. I have had the Concerto for almost 3 years now and it has lived through a lot of meets and loaner amplifiers. It just keeps satisfying me with the headphones I have. Currently I use HD800 and T5p and there was something irritating in the Canalot I just could not get used to. I think it was lack of air in the treble and midrange. Also the bass which has more impact with the Canalot but somehow the Concerto bass just hits cleaner. 
    There is no doubt that the Canalot is much more fun to listen to than the more correct Concerto. Usually I happen to have a quick crush on the fun stuff but in the long run the more conservative sounding gear take over and gets most listening time. So the end story is that I am keeping the Meier Concerto and sold off the Canalot again after two weeks.
  15. Frank I
    Guys Heed just sent me the CanAlot 3 with the built in USB DAC and optional power supply. I will be posting stuff as I move about with it and this will have a full review in a few months. Just going through the initial listening session first night with it set up sounds very promising. I know Jodet(Mike) been asking. I will be doing work with it over the next several months.
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