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HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bugstone, May 7, 2019.
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  1. DecentLevi
    I'm not exactly a Metalhead, although I do enjoy some classic rock and likes of EBM / industrial electronic music as well. That said, I actually thought the HEDDphone was very well suitable for rock music, one of my biggest impressions when was when I was listening to Nirvana's Nevermind on PrimaLuna Evo 200 tube amp. Uncanny imaging an instrument separation to boot.
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  2. aminus
    In my humble and personal opinion the SR1a doesn’t hold a candle to the HEDD. Especially because one of the two actually has frequencies below 60hz and doesn’t do any sort of bass with excessive amounts of 3HD.
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  3. metal571
  4. Beagle
    Despite the weight, I am serious considering. I'm always in the market for something that will provide much more air around instruments, Also like speed, refinement, and ability for the music to "float in air". To get most of this for $1800 is a no-brainer so here's hopin'..
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  5. nunovpc
    Would love some more details when comparing to utopia and 1000se...
  6. TaronL
    Comparison to the HE1000se from his Utopia review:

    "This one is difficult, because while the Utopia has distinctly superior tonal balance for the treble (not as splashy above 12khz), the HEKse does also have incredible technical performance. Detail retrieval is very close between the two, but the stage and imaging for the HEKse is in a class of its own. Instrument separation is also superior on the HEKse, and that’s likely just because it’s a planar, but the overall experience is truly incredible once you EQ down some of the over-emphasized splashy quality above 12khz. With that said, the Utopia has better build quality and a more traditional design where the cups don’t protrude down your neck like they do for the HEkse. These are both incredible headphones, and I’d be happy with either, but for those who don’t want to EQ anything, the Utopia is much more realistic sounding."

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  7. Hifiearspeakers
    What a freaking great review. I love his style, and I think he really covers the important points, that a future purchaser may want to know.

    I also hope that I feel the same way about the HEDDphone when I finally get a chance to listen to one.
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  8. Hifiearspeakers
    Now you need to ask him to send it to you so we can hear your take! Let’s go champ!
  9. rkw
    Have you compared the two? What differences do you hear?
  10. aminus
    Directly? No. From memory? Yes.

    As for differences, you’re asking me for the difference between two radically different headphones with completely different results. In fact, the RAAL doesn’t really count as a headphone; earspeaker would be more apt, not that that’s a good thing anyways.
  11. rkw
    I was hoping you'd elaborate on "the SR1a doesn’t hold a candle to the HEDD". You mentioned something about response below 60Hz, but reviews I've seen indicate that both have excellent bass extension.
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  12. aminus
    The SR1a most definitely does not have excellent bass extension. I mean, just based off of the acoustic design, the lack of a sealed front volume will instantly tell you that. Hence I expressed my disdain for earspeakers - earspeaker and bass extension don’t go together.

    As for everything else, well, I just dislike most things about the SR1a. I dislike its overly bright, shrill and aggressive tuning even when fully closed (when open it’s near unlistenable), I dislike its grainy timbre, I dislike its poor textural resolution in the lower mids and bass, I dislike the fit, I dislike the not-quite-a-speaker-nor-a-headphone presentation that for whatever reason the K1000 (and I’m presuming the MySphere too because that’s made by the same folks) doesn’t have issues with, I’m just not a SR1a fan. Not my thing at all.
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  13. mixman
    Yeah the SR1a is the only TOTL HP that makes the HD800 sound like a bass cannon. Just not for me. Since I listen to the AMT tech every day with my Adams A5x, I have a good understanding what the HEDD can do and as long as it isn't uncomfortable for me, I will probably love it.
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  14. metal571
    lol yeah, I don't care what the design is, if I am plunking down $3000 and I can't even get proper bass extension to at least 20 Hz... I'm not sure that's acceptable. There's a lot of hype surrounding SR1a and I've heard it briefly, but this fact alone kinda disqualified it as a modern high end headphone for me. Anyway, back to HEDD, which I haven't heard
  15. 518141
    HEDD has delivered and how! BRAVO:clap:
    This thread has now reached the temperature of a thermal explosion. When a blood sun rises tomorrow I will sit back and enjoy this spectacle. After the release of the HEDDphone the SR1a is only electronics scrap. Ready for recycling, but please take your bike for the love of nature on the way to the recycling center.
    By the way, HEDD posted Resolves first impressions video on their facebook page.
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